Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Twee Tweed

Nothing says fall fashion quite like tweed. My fashion compass seems to gravitate toward it this time every year. I just can't help myself. Somehow I begin to easily blur the line between want and need. For instance, right now. I'm pretty sure that I really really need this ensemble from J. Crew. I just know it's sitting on the rack screaming my name. It breaks my heart to leave it lonely out there wondering where I am. Maybe I'll just pay it a visit today and see how we get along.


ali said...

Adorable. How great are her legs?

Brooke said...

i am way too into the jcrew catalog. it sits on my nightstand with other great classics of literature.

is it the cashmere? the coats? and those cute up-do's really set my heart a flutter.

i say you go for it with the tweed ensemble. i have that sweater. tis to die for.

(okay, i just left a really long who-the-heck-are-you comment. sorry. "hi, my name is brooke. nice to meet you.")