Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tickled Pink

Lately I've been such a bump on a log. A bore and a snore. No fun. No energy. No blogging. No exercising. Definitely no swinging from the chandeliers. Or hula hooping. Mostly I've just been hanging out. Feeling sick. All the time. ALL THE TIME. Like I said...a bump on a log. Turns out I've got a bump of a different sort.

Yesterday G sent me a lovely arrangement of pink roses at work. I blushed. Whatta guy! I immediately called to say thank you for the beautiful bouquet. "They're not for you" was his solemn reply. Huh?!? What the?!? I sat in a confused state of silence. "They're for my little lady" he said. Ahhhhh.....yes, that's right. Of course they are.

Yesterday we also found out we're having a little girl this winter. In suddenly blurting this out, I realize I've neglected to even mention my pregnancy prior to this point. I've been keeping this little secret (mostly) to myself. But now it's out and about and been around the block.

So while I'm still wrapping my head around having a little baby, this little lady is slowly wrapping G around her itsy bitsy little finger (he must be really ticklish).

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Leaky Faucet

When the going gets tough, the tough get tape---lots of it. This is how we fix broken sinks at our house. Apparently this one is out of commission until December...but I'll see about that.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

xoxo, I Love You

Today it's blustery outside. Odd for the month of June. Feels more like winter than summer, and I'm actually pleased to spend the day inside. Something about days like this make me wish I had someone to write a love letter to with this charming ruby red rose-scented ink. There's something so enchanting in the idea of opening a hand-written note that is scented with ink. Something of a lost art.

I could write one to G, but he's so practical, he may think I'm a bit loopy for spending $30 on ink to write something down when I could have just told him to his face.