Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Day I Died and Went to Heaven

Was the same day I ate a roasted turkey leg with my bare hands (cuz I'll do anything to fit in),

Chugged 2 Red Bulls in under 5 minutes and then smashed them on my forehead (to show my fellow fans my extreme devotion),

Wore an Old Spice hat and was so serious about car racing I didn't even crack a smile (hey, if you think I'm stern, check out the dudes behind me...they were so intense they started to brawl), and then I cheered Tony Stewart and the #14 car on to NASCAR victory ( was actually the #18 car that won).

Sheesh, it's good to be back. At least I hope to be back...for a while. And no, this post is not a joke. I'm for reals.