Thursday, February 21, 2008

8 Is Great

Nicole tagged me a bit ago. I've been trying to conjure up 8 really radical splendiferous things about myself that would wow and bowl people over from sheer shock and awe. Turns out, I'm not that exciting. So here are 8 tried and true things about me right now.

1. One of my all time favorite movies lines is Cher from Clueless: "...and in closing, may I remind you that it does NOT say RSVP on the Statue of Liberty."

2. Next to my dog, my big sunglasses and lipgloss are my best friends.

3. I'm growing increasingly frustrated that I can't get my hair to blow out the same way my hair stylist does. I'm contemplating having him do it for me once a week. If he wasn't an hour away, I'd for sure do it. Hey, old ladies do it...why can't I?

4. I'm desperately seeking denim. Denim like the jean. I just don't know what designer to try this time. I feel like everything is so played out. Any suggestions? Nothing too wild and crazy, something more classic (yet still stylish) that fits petite peeps like me.

5. I want the new Blackberry Curve so bad it hurts. I may give up my baby toe for it.

6. I'm scared to death of skin cancer. Now I instant/spray tan and wear 70 SPF every day.

7. It's been such a cold winter, I've started wearing my Uggs outside. I can tell they're now showing signs of wear. I'm really worried about it.

8. Sometimes I clean the house in a tiara and heels. While I'm wearing a wifebeater and short shorts. It helps me feel less gross about the yuck-yuck-yuckity-mcyuckerness of cleaning.


ali said...

I've never seen the tiara, but I HAVE seen the short shorts with "high heels" for cleaning. It helps you reach the high places, too.

Three cheers for spf 70! And the denim search. Let me know what you find out.

Lorilee said...

i love your dog
cleaning in heels? you're crazy.
i'm no help on the denim search, sorry.
i now use my umbrella for rain AND sun...(spf is always a must....and proud to say not one sunburn for me since I moved here)

Ashley A. said...

I always complain to my stylist that I can't do my hair like she does and she gives me tips and pointers but ultimately reminds me that she DID go to school and had extensive training for this.

Kellie said...

Love the cleaning get up, wonder if it would work for me???

laura said...

ditto on the hair just doesn't look the same when i do it.

let me know what you find out about the denim search. i am always on the hunt for a great pair of jeans!

kristi said...

i love my silver "toni" jeans. dk blue and they look great with a t-shirt or dressy blouse and heels. (no high fashion stuff here- live in indiana and i'm 5'2") or go to and see jan 11 and 15th 2008. she did a thing about jeans.

lane said...

Those platform heels are remarkably comfortable--don't you refer to them as "slippers"? I have even worn them a time or two. The tiara...I think you're the only one who can pull that off :)

marta said...

you're the cutest, miss jamie anne. and yeah, i've thought the same thing about old ladies. when they die out, there has to be a new generation!

and jeans, umm.. i'd like YOUR help. i love my Banana Republic petite straight legs. simple, simple. best of luck.

Tiffany said...

I love the cleaning outfit. I think you should market it!

By the way, my husband was thrilled that somebody recognized him at the Jazz game! He felt really famous.

Joanna Goddard said...

i'm with you on the sunscreen. i used to be a sunbathing addict but now i'm that weird girl in the hat under the tree.

angie said...

i think i will forever more think of you in heels and a tiara cleaning. every piece of me loves this!