Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Old Souls

We made our yearly trek to Palm Springs to 'practice being old' as Grant likes to say. Our senior schedule involves waking up to bright sunshine just in time to catch the early bird special at Coco's Restaurant. Shopping at estate sales. Napping by the pool in the afternoon. Playing some twilight golf. 5 0'clock dinner at Cheesecake Factory. Watching tennis stars with our old friends under the starry skies. Returning home with just enough time for a quick dip in the hot tub. Retiring for a good night sleep.

All this while wearing big sunglasses, boat shoes, and sunscreen, the mid-century architecture flying by as we're cruising around in the convertible in 90 degree heat. Palm Springs charges us up with plenty of geriatric juice to make it through the rest of cloudy March and dreary April. Thank you Palm Springs with your swaying palms, amorphous pools, and mature residents, for helping us live our golden years in your glorious sunshine and style!


Lorilee said...

Sounds like my kind of vay-kay.
Cody and I are already excited to retire, and Cody hasn't even really started working.

Maybe we can be bungalo buddies in Palm Springs when we are 75 years old.

ali said...

I'm in, too. Just be sure to lather me up with sunblock every time we head to the pool.

Wish I could have joined you guys. Sounds like so much ... fun. Yes, fun. I love estate sales and big sunglasses.

Ashley A. said...

Grant is an old soul and if this is what being an old soul is all about then maybe I should be one too.

lane said...

I went to Palm Springs with Jamie and Grant two years ago on spring break, and I can vouch for the geriatric good times.

Coco's early bird special (3.99!) laying by the pool, driving around in the red convertible, outlet shopping...this is the life.

Let's also not forget the mini-burgers, but you'll have to go to Chez Calder for those.

Next time, take me with you!