Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Point, Set, Match!

I love tennis. While in Palm Springs, we go to the Pacific Life Open, the 5th largest tennis tourney, next to the 4 Grand Slams. We sit on the front row and get to shmooze with the likes of Federer (flawless), Roddick (so hot right now, and he's not messing around with that killer serve), Sharapova (unpredictable, but she wears cute outfits), Nadal (his serving arm is huge), Hantuchova (new favorite), Agassi (2 years ago), Ljubicic (Looba, looba!) and Kendrick (another new favorite). We had to leave before the finals, but it's on ESPN2, so I'll get my fill.
It is so friendly and mannerly. What's not to love about a sport where people politely whistle (instead of boo) at a call they think is unfair, ladies and gents sip champagne from straws in mini bottles, girls get to be athletic and wear skirts at the same time, it's practically required that you wear your favorite hat, and everyone talks about the latest tennis fashions?
I'm thinking I just might pull out a racquet, get some cute new digs, and start swinging again. I only played a teensy bit in my younger years, so I think I might need some lessons again. I'm a bit rusty, but at least I'll look good trying!


Ashley A. said...

Corey suggested a few years ago that I take up tennis. When I asked why he confessed it was all about the short skirt. Good new for Corey, Midland, MI has a huge tennis complex- WITH A DAY CARE!

Katie DuRocher said...

Gwen will be so jealous of the front row seats!!! She is there today and all week with Hat and I'm sure she'll be whistling away. My mom is the BIGGEST tennis fan I know.

I hear you about picking up the sport for the clothes. I find myself picking up new hobbies all of the time - simply for the excuse to go shopping. Last year was wakeboarding and backpacking I LOVE picking out camping gear and boat clothes! - this year I'm contemplating boxing - I already found the perfect posh gym for me, after all I am from the IE now and I might need some moves if I find myself out by myself at night.

Wish I could have seen you while you were out in So. Cal.! Maybe next year.


ali said...

I wish I could sip champagne casually out of a mini bottle. That might be my favorite detail.