Monday, March 12, 2007

Click Click

Dorothy got it right on. Staying in a well-kept, spacious home. Lounging around with sisters. Pedicures with Pam. Home-cooked meals. Late night chat-fests with girlfriends. There really is no place like home. I wish I could click my bejeweled ruby stiletto heels about once a month.


ali said...

I wish too.

But at least I have your blog.

Lorilee said...

Finally, you're back!

I'm happy you had a wonderful trip here, and I agree with Dorothy too.

angie said...

there is no place like the home we grew up in! but after awhile my own space feels just right - and there's no place like it either.

lane said...

Aww...I love this entry. I forget that it's your first year away from home still. When I moved to SF I did go home about every month, thanks to Southwest Airlines. NYC is a little further (and a lot pricier) to make it home to the funship.

Pam, Mark, Famous, the "Anderson Market" the blue screen, and the view from the breakfast nook are good for the soul.