Friday, March 23, 2007


When we moved into our apartment last fall, boxes full of blankets, books, and knick knacks filled most of our living room. After a few weekends spent scouring the city, we spiffed things up and got comfortable.

Right before we went home for Christmas, we decided we didn't really love anything. So out the door it went! Now, with April looming on the horizon, we still haven't done much with the space. Sometimes I wish my sister, Ashley, lived closer. She is the most amazing interior designer, which I am definitely not. Since we'll be in town for a bit, I've spent much time perusing the www, with visions of color schemes dancing in my head. Most of my stuff is black and white, so I just need some real punch. I've been drawn to reds and soft blues, but kind of scared of such a tenacious color combination. Plus, getting things to your home in the city is beyond an inconvenience and ridiculously time consuming. So this time, things must come here to stay!

Enter: the picture above. It has calmed my fears and renewed my hopes. While just a tad traditional (and not quirky enough) for my tastes, it still has that fresh, warm feeling I love. I've found my weekend plan!


marta said...

lovely pic. these colors are so inviting.

surely, you will find your niche soon enough. if i know anything about you, miss jamie anne, once a plan gets rolling, you will be the one to get the job done!

have fun.

ali said...

Fun! I wish I were there to try and help, though Ashley would definitely be the better pick. She has such a great eye.

But so do you! Shopping for home stuff is my favorite.

angie said...

i hope you show a pic of the results of the inspiration shopping!

Lorilee said...

I love the color of the wall in the photo.... I'm sure you will do an excellent job with your decorating....I hope you will show some photos of the outcome, as well as the transportation process! Good Luck