Thursday, March 22, 2007


Can't get enough of this JC Penney (!?!) ad. Debuted during the Oscars, and it's been true love ever since. So clever, every scene a nod to cinematic genius. I want to play it every morning and make it my daily mantra. Today's the day to feel like a star!


ali said...

I looooooooove it.

You won't believe it, but I got the chills. How did I miss this? Thank you for sharing.

ali said...

One more thing. I keep wondering when the JC Penney products are going to get as good as their ads. We already know the furniture is decent (thanks to Domino) but wouldn't it be great if this old-time company made a 360? I'd love to see it survive.

I've been searching, but haven't found anything worth talking (blogging) about.

angie said...

I loved this commercial - but I had forgotten it by now. Did you notice how many commercials were film related during the Oscars - the superbowl commercials will have to make a run for it...the competition's on!

lane said...

This is really cute. The scenes that bleed into each other are the most satisfying, like the motorcyclists who drive by the dude holding up the stereo John-Cusack style. Gives that sort of "you could trip upon one-delightful-thing-after-the-other" in the city feeling.

Kinda like that good old Volkswagen commercial.