Monday, March 26, 2007

Good Jobs

As if the ice cream scoops job could get any better! I am borderline maniacal when it comes to food presentation. After all, I am my mothers {professional cook/caterer extraordinaire} daughter. Yesterday, I tried my baking hand at my sisters Neiman Marcus cookie recipe. It reminded me how much I truly adore my cookie scoop.

It's so satisfying how evenly shaped and uniformly sized they turn out. Lined up in neat rows, like good little cookie soldiers. I'm a big fan of smaller cookies, and not a big fan of hand rolling, so it suits me perfectly. Sometimes though, I get carried away and want to scoop my dough into a dessert bowl, and cover it with chocolate sauce! I froze 120+ cookie scoops {for future use}...maybe I will. Ok Ok, I already did!


ali said...

Cute! I wish we could have baked together.

Are those EAT magnets? I like how you have 'em on the range. I would have never thought of that.

I think Lori will like this post. She's big on presentation and baking too.

Lorilee said...

Thanks Ali.. I do like this post. And, I do like baking and presentation too--although I think Jamie might be the master.
Those dough balls look yummy Jamie, I love my cookie scoop too. Sometimes I use my big ice cream scooper when I'm in a hurry and I'm taking cookies somewhere. Big or small... I loooooooove cookies.

Lorilee said...

sorry, one more thing. I have those same cookies sheets :)

angie said...

the ice cream scoop does double for a great cookie scoop - but can it do what the pizza cutter does (i really hadn't seen your post when i posted)hooray for kitchen gadgets!

J Po (he he!) said...

So I finally dare to post a comment...I just couldn't resist these beautiful cookies! They are making me think about the cookie dough in my freezer and the chocolate cake in my fridge...Darn you, Jamie!

jamieanne said...

YES!!! I am laughing my head off right now! I don't know which is funnier...the code name or the cookie dough and cake (remember the choco cake story at PF Chang?). PLEASE, come back and comment often.