Friday, February 9, 2007

Salt 'n' Peppa

Haha. Heehee. I was perusing and got a serious case of the giggles when I saw these little guys. I couldn't keep it to myself. Just had to share.

They are part of the new Argentine design collection at the MoMA Store. It showcases selected works from up and coming Argentinian designers. They've got some really cool stuff. I especially like salt and pepper shakers there on the left. And what about the brooch in the middle? It's supposed to catch the light and look really cool when worn. The caterpillar is a desk accessory who carries pencils and such in his humps and holds papers in his antennae.

What a lil' spot of sunshine from creative minds. Love it.


Ashley A. said...

I am especially fond of the Apple Container (it's rudimentary shape reminds me of a ceramic whale I made in 1st grade). Mom still has it and proudly displays it in HER CLOSET! It is display case worthy if you ask me. I have long been a fan of the design store although I don't recommend you wear the majority of their clothing or accessories (the brooch should say it all). Let the fashion designers do the fashion design. Fun finds Jamie!

ali said...

I need Mr. Caterpillar, please. Need. He is too cute to be left in the store.