Friday, February 9, 2007

Forget Romance

Wow. I never thought I would hear those words uttered from my lips. I am a hopelessly hopeless romantic.

But this year is different. I need more than romance. I need a total transformation. This is not to discount the flights of fancy surrounding Valentine's Day. Cuz there is no one more devoted to the celebration of holidays than I. I want all the cream puff/cutesy/lovey dovey things I can handle. We're talking heaps of decorations, valentines for friends, special outfits for said day (how do I choose?!?), dishcloths, theme dinners, etc.

But what I'm more concerned about is gifts. I need a total transformation. I don't want any jewelry (gasp!), or chocolate (huh?), or perfume (what the?), lingerie (oh my!) or even that darling little dress I saw at a certain designer store last week (have I gone mad?).

I want the gift that keeps on giving. I'm talking weights, stability balls, yoga mats, medicine balls, vitamins, and even protein shakes. Yeah! That's what I'm talkin' about! I can feel myself getting tuffer just thinking about it. And I know how to correctly spell tougher, but I think it's just more tuff spelled the other way.
Sign me up! I'm in! And I'm serious. Just as soon as I finish my chocolate on fruit on ice cream on cake on honey filled dessert on Valentine's Day.


marta said...

this is hilarious. i love this about you! i was just remembering you dolled up in pinks galore one valentine's when we met up with the clan at CPK at gateway with Robby..

but this year, i am in 2. total transformation here we come.

seancarter said...

Well hey for all the resources for Valentines day you can visit my blog and check out all the stuff that i've posted there!!!

ali said...

Sean Carter totally fooled me.

Um, this is a great Vday idea. I'm going to make these suggestions to my valentine. Time to firm up and trim up before spring comes. :(

I wish I liked exercising more.

Lorilee said...

You're crazy.. The day AFTER Valentines is for "The New York Diet"--the weights, stability balls, yoga mats etc. etc.

In my book, come Feb. 14th--I'm eating cookies and chocolates, wearing jewelry and cute clothes, dousing myself in perfume and hopefully smelling a beautiful bouqet of fresh flowers all day! (oh, and don't forget the lingerie)