Thursday, February 8, 2007

LeSportsac + The OC?

Thursday = OCday. So today = OCpost. I don't know how I didn't find out about this sooner, but this is some seriously amazing stuff. Turns out recently revived LeSportsac, has been venturing out into even more creative avenues than Gwen Stefani's LAMB line.

Last fall, they launched The OC Collection. OC-inspired handbags, backpacks, totes, clutches. Not just inspired by The OC as in Orange County, but The OC, as in the show. They are absolutely hysterical. There's a Marissa collection, with chain handles and rose appliques, and lined inside with her image and the words 'Free Marissa'. The Summer collection is full of polka dot and floral prints (some bags are reversible), and lined inside with the The Valley logo. Don't worry, there's a mens collection too! That's right, Seth and Ryan have their own collection of PDA holders, messenger bags, and backpacks. Ryans is lined with a graffiti print that says 'Kid Chino', and Seths with the Atomic County comic strip.

Check it out. The bags are hideous. The names are hilarious.

The Harbor High tote in Sparkler (also comes in Princess Polka Dot)

The Coop Clutch in Tijuana Rose (also comes in Bikini and Coco Rose)

The Outsider in Kid Chino

The TJ Weekender in Kid Chino (also comes in Shadow)

Are you kidding me? This is just too good to be true. Literally. As soon as I found out about it, it was gone. Le Sportsac just pulled the line from their website, so you can't even view the entire collection if you try.


ali said...

You have GOT to be kidding me. You'd think that, with the beautiful OC as its muse, these would have come out a little better.

I have a feeling some hipster designer might have been fired for this truly hideous line!

Good find.

Lorilee said...

Too Funny!..Really, too funny! I'm sad that you didn't find out about the line in time. I would love to be able to tell people that a good friend of mine has a Harbor High LeSportsac that she carries around with her everywhere. I wonder if people really bought them...SWEET if they did... Long Live The OC!

ali said...

I think we need to make Long Live The OC tshirts. Like the Free Marissa ones.

Just so everyone knows we knew it and loved it.

Ashley A. said...

Terribly awesome! How did we miss it?