Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bulls Eye

Look closely. Read between the lines. Do you see those words ---SHOP THE COLLECTION EARLY---finally some (more) benefits to living in New York (this time of year). Sale starts tomorrow here. If some of you hurry, you can still make it!
Update: You can shop right now on the worldwideweb. I'd wait though, cuz it's definitely not the whole collection. But it sure does whet the (shopping) appetite.


ali said...

Hey. NO FAIR. Hook a sister up?

jamieanne said...

I say forget the rigamarole of in store shopping and do it online tomorrow. NY has done that to me...I no longer care to carry heavy laden bags all over the city (unless they're from sample sales).
Buyer beware, my bet is that the Target site is gonna be bogged down. So get online early and make sure you know your sizes!

sarah marie said...

i hate that the closest target is in brooklyn though.