Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Octopoda Equals Success

New Years Resolution: Be Bold: Last night I had Octopus, prepared in traditional Greek style. Result: Not bad. Thoughts: Similar to lobster. Though I wouldn't recommend making an entire meal out of it. Our waiter told us it was 'simply amazing.' I wouldn't go that far. But I'm glad I tried it. Made me feel good about all the other resolutions for the new year that have already fallen to the wayside.

Let's see...

Resolution: NASCAR Race: Still workin' on it. Result: So so. Not resolved, but not unresolved.

Resolution: Stay in touch: Definitely taken initiative here. Result: Feel great. And connected.

Resolution: Write a Cookbook: Haven't even thought about it. Result: Crap.

Resolution: Buy less clothing/Return what I won't wear: I've bought 4 new items and returned 2 so far. Result: Even Steven...almost.

Resolution: Travel some more: I've been home 1 weekend so far this year. Result: Hooray!

Resolution: Bring Miss Famous to the Big Apple: Don't even get me started. Result: Tears.

Resolution: Take the GMAT: Huh? The What? Result: Shucks.

Resolution: Go to the gym more: Went the first week. Saw all the newbies. Never returned. Result: Increasingly out of shape.


ali said...

Octopoda equals gross, you mean?

Um, when did you come home for the weekend? Last time I recall you being here, it was still 2006.

And, Miss Famous (who is snorting here next to me) wants me to tell you that she wishes she were on a plane to New York so she could do some fabulous strutting and shopping in NY. But she spent too much money on the bling that spells "naughty" on her pink tee.

lane said...

I had this octupus, and it was pretty good. It had a delicous balsamic sauce that was almost burned so it was kind of carmely-but it was sort of like it would be better if the sauce had been on something other than a 7-inch long tentacle.

Way to be bold, James!

jamieanne said...

I think Famous would mostly do some fabulous sniffing here in NY.

Also, by 'home', I meant NY. That means I have been out of town every single weekend this year except for one, which I believe was also the coldest. Just my luck.

marta said...

props to you for even looking back on your resolutions! looks like you are well on your way, heck it's only feb. first. but i do hope you get on that cookbook, sugar. it would be a number one seller. especially if you take pics of all your delectables.