Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Left My Heart (and my chocolate vowels) In Saint Remy

I got these wonderful chocolates little chocolates from southern France.

I thought they were pretty neat cuz they had letters of the alphabet on them based on key ingredients. So I got to thinking of all the fun things I could do/words I could spell/jokes I could play with these little alphabetical wonders.

I guess I thought they were pretty tasty too. While thinking, I started nibbling, got a wee bit ahead of myself and accidentally ate every vowel in the box within minutes. Hugs and kisses was the only communication I could come up with. And for all you smarty pants out there...yes, the 'O's are really upside down 'D's. I ended up giving the sweet sentiment to my lover, G. But he didn't even like them. The chocolates that is.


Liz said...

Jamie! so glad you're blogging again. mmmm. those chocolates look awesome.

Kami said...

I too am glad you are back! xdxd ;)

lane said...

YUM. Those look a wee bit like Mariebelle, no? But they must be better because they are from France, afterall. I love that your appetite got ahead of your brain, which is always the way it should be with chocolate.

If G didn't like them, all the more for you, right?

love2hatecelebs said...

I have read a lot of your posts and your friends posts.

I used to be like you. Well kind of obsessed with clothing, chocolate, shoes and money.

Then I heard about the Feal Good Foundation and saw the movie Press for Truth and it changed my life.

I have no uses for those cute shoes anymore. I do not really care about the patterns on my pillows. Ok I do but its not that important anymore.

It is quite gross looking back now on what I cared about.

Honestly if you knew what people are going thru on a daily basis and you are just living your life ignorant like Marie Antoinette. Who by the way was transfixed on clothing etc while her people starved.

There are people in your country today. Good hardworking people who are suffering.

Freedom is not something you can buy. It is also not something you can sell.

Also another movie to watch is the Century of Self on google video. It explains how we have been manipulated into thinking we need 40 pairs of shoes and matching bags and how psychologists have been training us to be consumers for years.

Being a consumer is not what being an American is all about.

It seems your group of friends are very happy in their own lives. Everyone is smiling and happy. You all seem to travel and have money.

I actually was looking for pix of Windsor castle to draw and came across one of your friends blogs. It just seemed amazing to me that all of you and your friends lives were fixated on very trivial superficial things. It just was super strange.

Then I realized all of you were mormon and that did not bother me but I did find it was interesting that all of you were the same religion.

You all are focused on yourselves writing about yourselves and what you can buy, eat or where you can go.

Not a single one of you or your friends writes about anything to help anyone else. Some of you are economists, or lawyers or pilots in the military.

But none of you are writing about helping people or learning about people or realizing the problems we are having in America today.

Right in your city men and women first responders who ran to ground zero are dying because they were told the air was safe to breathe. These are not all well educated, financially sound people. These were firefighters, police, regular people so overwhelmed by tragedy that they wanted to help.

They wanted to help people in insurance and in marketing and banking. Some gave their lives some are still dying because the US government is not giving them healthcare.

So while you talk about the next best chocolate or favorite pair of shoes just know that there are others out there that are crying for help and you have been deaf.

Please get involved in this country. People need your help and your brains and your enthusiasm. You can make a real difference by just looking into things.

The reason we are in the state we are in is because people like you and like me have forgotten what it means to be an American.

ali said...

Huh. That's a strange comment. When are you going to blog again? I hope it's about the next thing you're going to purchase ... since that's all you blog about. How many of those big blue blower fans did you buy?

lane said...

Dude, you better post Halloween pics. Even I am outblogging you!

Ryanne said...

mmm those look scrumptious! and i found out the upside down d's right off the bat! ;)

Kami said...

Just missing you and remembering last year all your Christmas posts this time of year. Where'd you go?

ps. I just read that weirdo comment...geez Louise, talk about drama, how come I never get anything that exciting?! All I get is awwww...cute. No fun at all. ;)

ps. Come back!

Trooper Thorn said...

What kind of ingredients are used that would be indicated by the "X"? That's a little concerning.

Sarah Von said...

Oh my. Those are fantastic! As an ESL teacher it's probably my duty to buy these and share them with my students right? Or maybe just eat them in my office?

Simon said...

You went to Southern France and didn't stop in to see us in London? I guess I see now where our friendship stands... OVER.

Liz said...

Sigh. Wish I could take a trip. Or at least a three day weekend. :)

These look delish.