Monday, March 17, 2008

A Few Thoughts Until I Catch Up...Then I'll Share How Awesome Florida Was And How Crappy It Is Being Back

Ok, a few things. First, I lalalalove this picture. Second, I totally wanna be this girl. Third, it's almost enough to make me wanna grow my hair out (again). Fourth, or purchase a suh-weet wig (and hat). Fifth, I loved catching up on The Shiny Squirrel last week, where I found the photo. Sixth, I'd like to be her too.


love.boxes said...

There's a great wig shop in Bountiful, Utah.. can't remember the name.. but my girlfriend bought a pink wig that is just the best for showing up at a party! She looks great in it. :) It would be nice to have said wig.. you could aspire to an alter ego..

ali said...

This would indeed make a fine alter ego. She's like Sophia Loren meets Diane Keaton.