Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just When I Felt Recharged, They Had To Yank The Plug

Last week, I:

*watched my sheet of notepad paper skip across the sand.

*enjoyed the company of myself so much, I didn't care that no one else was around.

*made computer friends. who speak my acronymic language. that made me happy. and slightly more geeky.

*walked barefoot in the ocean at midnite, with my trousers rolled up.

*let my skin soak in the humidity (and not the sun). oh, humidity, how I love thee.

*sat in classes all day. and learned. and kind of wished I were a student again.

*sat in a cabana. closed my eyes. listened to the waves crashing on the shore

*let the Florida sunshine recharge my soul.

*came home to 6 inches of snow and a blustery gray wind.


love.boxes said...


alyson. said...

oh my gosh, you make me jealous. I know exactly where St. Pete beach is!! I'm from Tampa, just across the bay, and I spent many many days on those sandy, Gulf beaches.

but I do not love humidity. :)

lane said...

I'm with Alyson. I never thought I would hear you say "I love humidity." You needed more NYC summers to cure you of that!