Sunday, January 6, 2008


The Animal In You. My actress friend brought this book over. She uses it to determine personalities/habits/social interaction/general make-ups of characters she is studying. We used it for a late night of fun fun fun.

Take a short quiz. Use the answers to determine who the animal(s) in you are. The key to getting a (relatively) accurate result is to be totally honest with your answers. Don't be hard on yourself. And think of yourself in the most genuine terms. I turned out to be a cottontail/otter/sea lion. I reminded myself of The O.C. (my favorite TV show, may it RIP).

Cottontail: Summer had a pet bunny rabbit named Pancakes.

Otter: Seth Cohens spiritual animal was the otter.

Sea Lion: Signature animal of SoCal.

The bad news is my beloved turned out to be part wolf. Whimper whimper whimper said the cottontail.

Take the quiz here. Strange, as I used the same answers but got different results online. But still, which animal(s) are you?


alyson. said...

nice. I'm either a Mountain Goat or a Bat. I'm so rad.

love.boxes said...

Beaver, Bat or Sheep. I guess I was so wierd they couldn't decide. :)

ali said...

Two words: Sheep Beaver Dog.

Man, that was some funny stuff.

lane said...

Yay for pancakes!!! Three (memorial) cheers for the OCeezy.

I was a otter/cottontail/BAT.

Bat was my favorite--now I know why I can't go to bed before 2 am. Or get up before 10.