Thursday, December 27, 2007

Survey Says

So EFFING good.
Had Red Mango for the first time tonight.
I may have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner tomorrow.
And every other day of my life.
I've had more than my fair share of the new wave fro yos.
Red Mango takes the cake.


laura said...

I didn't know it was open already...I have been patiently waiting for this place to open and now it is finally here! We need to go asap!

Kami said...

That's the word on the block... "effing". I am ready, let's go, although I think I am too cold for frozen yogurt this time of year, maybe as a dollop in hot chocolate?

P.S. Really, I just wanted to say the word "dollop" and "effing" (I would get in trouble if I said it on my blog.) :)

love.boxes said...

sounds yum. :)

angie said...

...but its winter - it just feels too cold for yogurt...then again, i was enjoying my peppermint ice cream last night quite a lot!

laura said...

I'm mad you tricked me....I thought the store finally opened but then I found out you probably just got this at the Jazz game. BUMMER!! Oh well, I guess I will just keep patiently waiting....:)