Wednesday, December 12, 2007

30 Ideas For December: Think Of Others

Head to the Sevey, buy all your friends a bevy
The cocoa station is delicious, though not necessarily nutritious
But it warms the soul, and that is the goal
Now remember there is nothing to fear
For you can easily spread some good Christmas cheer.


100 Percent Cottam said...

i'm always so fond of your poetry. nicely done, as per usual! :)

Kami said...

I love a Bev at the Sev but only with my friend Kev. ;)

Jori said...

Seriously, that is a fantastic poem.;) You have just inspired me to head to the Sevey.

love.boxes said...

fun idea!

ali said...

Oh, yes. And I love those funny, little, semi-gross dehydrated marshmallows.

lane said...

Nothing puts a jingle in my jangle like a Sev run. Chocolate-chocolate, anyone?