Monday, November 26, 2007

You Had Me At '300 Vibrations Per Second'

The Oprah's Favorite Things show was a while ago. But I couldn't bring myself to talk about the details of it until Thanksgiving had its moment to shine.

Now, let's talk shop. As in Christmas shopping. The most fabulouswondrouseye-catchingous thing on Oprah's list this year was the Clarisonic Skin Care System. It claims to remove 6 times more makeup/grime than soap and water alone. 6 times! The bristles vibrate 300 times per second and massage your face to squeaky clean perfection. 300 times per second! Squeaky clean perfection!

I mustmustmust have this.

What was your favorite on the list this year?


Jill said...

oooooo ahhhhh
thanks for the reminder to check the list, it was so fun to browse. now you're making me choose a favorite? that skin care system would have to be on top along with the ciao bella sorbet.
on bottom - the swing turtleneck & sailor pants. ugh!

Kate said...

A favorite IS hard to choose! I already LOVE the Josh Groban CD...the gigantic DVD collection looks like fun, but a little too pricey for me. I would love to get the Planet Earth series, I think that is my favorite. And amen to the worst being the tent-like pants and turtleneck...."guaranteed to make you look fat even if you're not"

Kami said...

Way cool, have you tried to get one? I am always reluctant to even try because I assume they are already gone.

Carly said...

Loved the crotched uggs, the beautiful fridge, and planet earth... But what was Oprah thinking with that hideous sailor sweat suit thing?

Jen said...

Its funny that you posted about this because since I saw the show I can't stop thinking about this skin care system! Let me know if/where you find one!

Soul-Fusion said...

hi, I sometimes wander over here from Tiff's blog and this is pulling me out of lurking status because I have to rave about the clarisonic. I was talked into buying one earlier this year by my facialist (went about 4 times so that qualifies as my facialist I guess) when I was desperate to have grown-up skin (no more zits!) and this contraption is THE BEST! I use it before I go to bed and in the shower in the morning. If I am feeling particularly grimy (from the rare use of makeup in the evening or city grime) I use two cycles before bed. It is fantastic and well worth the price! I rarely to never break out anymore. Put it at the top of your wish list.

p.s. I love your blog and no one paid me for that crazy endorsement.