Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What Oprah Could Learn From Nordstrom

Ladies and Gentlemen, set your Tivo's. Oprah's biggestbestbaddest show of the year airs today. Indeed, I lalalalove Oprah's Favorite Things show. I sit in anticipation, just waiting for her elves to jump thru the TV and into my living room with their happiness and holiday cheer (wouldn't that be nice?). Truly sets the grand stage for the Holiday season.

But seriously, why couldn't she learn a thing or two from Nordstrom? I mean, they get it. Why doesn't she? I realize that the biggest shopping weekend of the year is nigh upon us. But still. I thought she'd be a better example.


Aimee said...

I'm with ya Jaims. Although I'm disgustingly looking forward to this episode, it could wait like a week!

laporterouge said...

Yes, I agree..
i wonder if any of their employees
will be celebrating thanksgiving or decking the halls....?

It seems to me that Labor day is the new starting
point for x-mas decor and malls

I enjoy your blog thank you...

Kami said...

Oh don't you worry, my Tivo is set. I just love this show! I find my self LOL throughout it hearing Oprah go into her "Oprah Vibrato Voice" while the audience almost passes out from all the excitement. It is the best! You are right, What about Thanksgiving? Poor Thanksgiving, we still love you. :)

tiffany said...

Woot! Woot!

Tivo set.

But bravo to Nordstrom--that was a class act.

Stephanie said...

Very excited about this one! Im with Nordstrom, I will be staying home (probably still eating tons) on Friday!!

I love your blog!

Jessica said...

I agree, but at least it wasn't on the day after Halloween, ha.

Jori said...

Thank you Nordstrom for exercising restraint. All of the other stores have had "Little Drummer Boy" cranked since Oct.

My hairdresser went to An Oprah favorite things show a few years back. He scored big. I would seriously kill to be on a favorite things show.

lane said...

One more reason to love Nordstrom's. That is my happy place. Even here in NYC, the shopping mecca, Nordstrom is missed.