Thursday, November 1, 2007

Holly Sleeplightly

This Holly Golightly sleep mask is practically a dead ringer for the real deal. I've wanted one just like this practically since the day I was born (which is roughly the first time I saw Breakfast at Tiffany's). It's been TLA ever since.

I can find but one flaw in the execution of this getup. The earplugs (see picture below). I've had a love affair with those teal tassels since birth too (it may have even started in the womb). BRAVO! and three cheers for one amazing sleep mask, two thumbs down and a big BOO! for lack of earplugs. Better luck next time, eh, Fred Flare.


ali said...

I gotta have those ear plugs. Plugs never looked so good!

angie said...

i've always loved the earplus too - wonderful!

lane said...

Those plugs may be a little ticklish. But there's no denying they add serious flare. I would much rather wear that than the free sleep mask I got from Jet Blue :)

alyson. said...

oh fabulous.

love love love that movie. since birth as well.