Tuesday, October 23, 2007


In the spirit of good Halloween fun, the folks over at Elle Girl magazine put together a handful of ideas for costumes and dress-ups. They're all about pop culture and headline grabbing celebrities. Being the trashy person I am, and never one to deprive myself of a good People or Us Weekly, I thought they were quite comical. I'm sure I could do better though. Even one-up them. It would be funny to have a whole Halloween party based around this trash-tastic theme.

The invitation could say something like, "Come dressed as your favorite rockstar-beautiful babe-blown out-washed up-dolled up-celebrity. For inspiration, look no further than your local grocery stand mag rack."

You could make a tablecloth from old mag clippings or even your old posters from your bedroom walls (how awesome would that be?). Then serve food based around celebrities. For example: start with Heidi & Spencer salad, followed by a generous helping of Britney BBQ brisket, Mariah mash, and Sanjaya squash. Don't forget the Beckham brownies for dessert. And wash it all down with the some delicious Perez punch.

Also, you could play Pop Culture Trivial Pursuit and make sure to pass a few Polas around so you've got photographic evidence of everyone getting their glam on.


ali said...

Enough of these hypothetical parties. Would you just throw one already? I already know who my trash-tastic costume inspiration would come from.

love.boxes said...

That would be a funny party!

Katie said...

Wow, that would be great.