Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Case of the Beady-Eyed Binky Caper

We've had a little visitor the past few weeks. Miss Famous (codename: Scraps), our Brussels Griffon extraordinaire who receives far too much attention and is therefore far too demanding, has handled things pretty well. Or so we thought.

Little Max's binkies have slowly been here, another there...with little explanation or reason. Were we losing our minds? Were they lost in the mounds of bedding also known as Max's shrine? Was Max chucking them outside the stroller on our daily walk? Were aliens coming down and snatching them for scientific purposes?

Nay, I tell you. 'Twas the black-eyed Griffy with the pink tongue and whale of an attitude. Slowly, but ever so surely stealing them away unnoticed, and stashing them in her storehouse under the bed. She's a sly fox, that one. A saucy little minx! Very passive aggressive behavior. This dog lives up to her name times a factor of 10.
Case closed!


Ashley A. said...

I caught her with one in her mouth! She can keep that one.

ali said...

Sly fox? Saucy Minx? More like little piggy!

I heart this post; you make me laugh.

celeste said...

I love that Miss Famous had to assert her right as the only true baby of the Anderson familia!

Lorilee said...

best post 2007
I surprised you didn't catch her red handed (pawed) with the binki in her mouth.

Jen said...


lane said...

Celeste is right--famous is exacting her revenge. Let's hope the real baby of the family grows up to better behaved!