Friday, July 13, 2007

They're Gonna Want My Sexy Brains, I Just Know It

And I don't stand a chance.


No fair. I even went to The Zombie Survival Guide workshop. Spoke with Max Brooks, zombie awareness expert extraordinaire. Took notes. Studied my enemy and zombie outbreaks. Got protection from the living dead. Learned to organize before they rise!!! This is bad bad news, big time.

C2000, this ones for you.

See how you'll fare here.


Ashley A. said...

I have a 50/50 chance. I think my lack of knowledge concerning fire arms was a serious blow to my score.

ali said...

I only got 39 percent. Better than you, but worse off than Ashley? Come on!

c2000 said...

Jamie: Use your head. Cut off theirs.

I feel this is the most important rule in surviving a zombie attack.

I'm Andrea said...

I LOOOVE this. I got 89%. Yes! I totally lied on all my answers though. Zombies are my favorite.

lane said...

All I know is, burn down the staircase or something and they can't get upstairs. Of course, getting food and water that way could prove tough.

C2000? Funny, I only know a C200.