Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Big Apple

With my imminent departure from NYC looming on the horizon, this Kenneth Jay Lane apple pendant necklace may be a nice little memento, no? I've been eyeing it for a while now. I may have to splurge. It also comes in pink, green, and white. But I like red best.


ali said...

Get the red. It's classic, bold and beautiful. Just like you!

Sarah said...

This is perfect!
Definitely get the red. Who ever heard of a white or pink apple?

Anne Bradshaw said...

Love this blog, Jamie Anne. And you know how to spell Anne :-) The "e" makes all the difference.

That red apple looks great. It'll be a hit where ever it is you're moving to next.

I found you on the Mill Creek blog and had to keep reading. Some cool pictures, too. Like the red door.

tiffany said...

No question, you have to have it. In red. I love the long chain.

Anonymous said...

Adorable!!! I think red for sure!! What a perfect momento:) loves,