Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I am an expert traveler. It's what I do best {besides eat treats, throw parties, and buy clothes}. These days, it seems I can barely get the suitcase unpacked and clothes laundered before it's time to go again. Believe you me, I'm not complaining. But, as I gear up for an oh so on the go summer, I think I've found the solution for one of my arch enemies -- wrinkles. This Crease Release spray from The Laundress may be just what the frequent flyer ordered. I've got loads of soirees and parties (fancy term for weddings) to get to this summer, and a rumpled party dress simply will not do.


Lorilee said...

Jamie, what a great gift idea to give your all your hosts at the many summer parties you will be attending.
HOpefully I'll get to see you?

ali said...


little special said...

what a great idea! be sure to let us know if it works as well as we hope it will!