Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Spring In My Step

Though the weather isn't reflective of my mood, at least my shoes can be. These, from Aldo,are my latest obsession. As a city dweller, I'm a huge fan of stylish flats, and the white sole reminds me of my much-loved boat shoes. If they were less expensive, I'd get one in every color. For now, I'll get yellow.


Lorilee said...

Jamie, I can honestly say you have have the most amazingly large shoe selection of anyone I've ever know...I've only seen it once and that was enough to have it burned into my memory for all time.

What's one more pair? right?

ali said...

You get the yellow, I'll get the lilac.

Sweet for spring, but cool for summer.

I'm Andrea said... those! hihi. im a secret blog lurker. i truly love your blog! you make me want to be adventurous and move to a big city. thanks for posting!

jamieanne said...

Hello hello Andrea! I'm so happy to have a new blog friend. Please visit often! Thanks for reading!