Friday, April 13, 2007


OK, who's the bathmaster 2000? An elevated fireplace next to the overflowing bathtub? Yes, please! Talk about the ultimate luxury. Now all I need is a glass of sparkling juice, soft background music, rose petals, and some dancing panda bears. Actually, I could do without the panda bears. That's a joke about demanding high-yield clients that probably no one {except me} will get. This brilliant idea must get filed away in the book of things to do. A relaxing bath sounds soooo good to me right now. It's the end of a long week. Check out more sweet bathrooms here {Yes, I read Business Week--I'm a nerd}.


Ashley A. said...

This looks like something Corey would love the most. He is nuts for fireplaces. Sweet find!

ali said...

Wow. Who knew Business Week offered design tips? Apparently, you.

I like bathrooms 3 & 4 the best, though they need a little warming up ie "lived-in" things.

I've never seen an infinity bathtub before! All the splashing you want without having to worry about a spill. Genius.