Wednesday, April 25, 2007


A recent Your Heart Out post made me long for the fields of Holland. Last Spring, I visited during peak flowering season. The most amazing display of thriving blossoms my lil' eyes have ever beheld. Pictures speak better than words here -- and if you click to enlarge, they just might knock your socks off.

Vibrant florals. Allowed to reach their full potential under the tender care of a masterful touch. Ranunculus larger than my hand. Pungent lilacs taller than me. Intense technicolor shades of every shape and size.

In the raw. In their element. Fields where flowers grow with overwhelming abundance. Intense color as far as the eye can see. Lined up in neat rows and farmed for selling the world over.

I want to live in this house. At least during Springtime.


ali said...

Socks officially knocked off! What a bunch of beauties. Mom's tulips that she brought home are finally blooming; I'll take a picture so you can see.

Though these are drop-dead gorgeous (yes, I clicked to enlarge and totally caught the effect), you are still my favorite bud.

lane said...

Woah! Gorgeous pics, Jame! Makes me wish the buds would arrive in NYC :(

As always, love the rununculus.

angie said...

Rununculus are perfection - love your pictures - I feel as if though I've been to Holland and back!

I'm Andrea said...

amazing! pretty pretty pretty.

Lorilee said...

Those photos are amazing. Rununculus are my favorite. I can't believe you saw ones that were the size of your hand.. but then again, your hands are miniature.