Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Big Apple

If I had this Kenneth Jay Lane necklace, I would wear it every single day as a reminder that I live in the big apple. Plus it's pretty, and I'm a showoff. I'm gonna peruse the streets this weekend and see if I can find a 'replica' from a street vendor for $20.


ali said...

Oh, I love it. What a great color.

I want one too (the $20 kind) so I can wear it and think of all the apples of my eye living in the Big Apple.

lane said...

Ah, like the strawberry! Cute. There was an adorable apple charm at Fragments that I heavily hinted (sent email photos, etc) to Britton to get for my birthday. Then for Christmas. I'm still waiting for it :(

I thought it would be a sweet reminder of our time in the Big Apple.

p.s. Aww, thanks Al!