Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Jamie: 101

1. I'd rather have appetizers and desserts than dinner
2. I love a good cry 3. I'm a hopeless romantic
4. I'm most fearless when I'm with Grant
5. I want to wear big sunglasses everywhere I go
6. I love to look at myself in mirrors
7. I wash my hair once a week
8. My favorite thing to read is a trashy magazine
9. There are days when I truly believe I am the luckiest girl in the world
10. I love Audrey Hepburn
11. I've seen seasons 1 & 2 of The OC 6 times...each
12. I spend 20 minutes in front of my closet deciding what to wear
13. I hate working out but love looking good
14. I'm a perfectionist
15. I've got 3 sisters who are my best friends
16. I've got 3 best friends I love like sisters
17. I love junk food...munchies mix, chocolate chocolate donuts, sodas
18. My biggest fear is failure
19. I miss my dog Miss Famous so much, sometimes I cry
20. My favorite animal is a lightning bug
21. My average shower time is 40 minutes
22. My dream job is to be a reporter for the NASCAR circuit
23. I wish I could see the world thru rose-colored glasses
24. The best part of my day is when Grant comes home
25. I love to blast music and dance in front of the mirror...alone
26. Sometimes I cheer too
27. I live for dumb fun
28. I want Nicole Richie's closet
29. I make great salsa
30. I bake a killer chocolate chocolate bundt cake
31. I'm fascinated by home/kitchen appliances
32. I love pictures of myself
33. Lots of times I get along better with boys than girls
34. I like bridges
35. I'm not as girly as you might think
36. I never felt true security until I married Grant
37. I love girls trips
38. Great sauce = great meal.
39. I feel a connection with/love water---lakes, pools, hot tubs, streams, ocean, waterfalls
40. Party dresses make me feel special
41. I love swimsuit shopping
42. I'm an expert suitcase packer
43. I love to play dress-up
44. I like to take tests...they make me feel smart
45. I'm impatient 46. I'm demanding
47. I like to take movie lines and make them my own
48. I'm a spelling whiz
49. I can forever remember all the words to a song after only hearing it once
50. My closet is color-coded
51. I always carry a purse inside my purse
52. I don't mind being short, but wish I didn't have to alter everything
53. I love the way I feel when I'm swimming
54. I love to watch Grant walk across a room
55. I get intimidated easily
56. My closest friends call me Jamie Anne
57. I never really know what I want
58. I always carry cash
59. I enjoy regular shopping but love discount shopping---outlets, cheap & trashy, sample sales
60. Brunch is my favorite meal
61. I can never decide between sweet and savory
62. I love pillow talk
63. I know I'm capable, but sometimes I'm unsure of myself
64. I like train rides
65. I want to be a jet-setter, constantly traveling...in style (preferaby in first class, too)
66. I think peanut butter makes most things taste better
67. I get mistaken for Asian/Spanish ALOT
68. I like pop-ish art
69. When I find something I really love, I think of who else might want it too
70. I drink the 'sick mix', 1/2 diet coke, 1/2 dr. pepper, with a lime
71. I like being snowed in
72. I'm loyal 73. I'm loud 74. I'm little
75. I like sleepovers
76. My husband and I have a secret sign
77. I sometimes say things I don't mean, and immediately regret it
78. I want an english garden
79. I moved across the country for true love
80. I love the smell of fresh lemons...that says lemons
81. Though I love it, I don't think I'll live in Utah again
82. I make my bed every morning
83. I want to have my own show on the Food Network
84. I'm an invitation snob
85. I love sports...not playing, strictly watching
86. I'm a good citizen...just ask my husband
87. I'm a sucker for anything with a monogram on it
88. My back hurts...an old cheerleading injury
89. I really like cars, I go to auto shows and watch car auctions on TV
90. I'm double-jointed
91. I like manicured/fake nails
92. I take on too much...I have a hard time saying no
93. I went to 5 different elementary schools
94. Sometimes my brain moves so quickly, I can't hardly keep up with it. I also have a hard time falling asleep because of it.
95. I go thru McD's drive thru and only get a large Hi-C orange.
96. I've never really liked my name
97. I want to be an old lady with a colorful gem/jewelry collection
98. I get worried when things start to wear out
99. I don't like going to concerts
100. I wish I could wear wigs
101. If I were a Crayola, I'd be yellow yellow...to brighten things up a bit.


ali said...

Yay, Jamie Anne! I love this. I knew almost ALL of them. Makes me happy to feel so close to you. But do you REALLY like swimsuit shopping? If so, I question that you are a member of the human race. :)

Lorilee said...

From NASCAR to manicured nails, and 40 min. showers to watching sports... you are so well rounded Jamie! We should go shopping for home appliances, read trashy magazines, and obsess over our dogs together. loved reading it.

marta said...

sister, you do brighten things up, a lot! hooray for jamie 101. you are truly the cutest. so very one of a kind & definitely never predictable.

i loved 17/24/49/62/84.

sarah marie said...

it sounds like you do see the world through rose colored glasses. i love a good cry too. and i love that you said you love looking at yourself in mirrors! in fact i think we're a lot alike and should start hanging out or at least dance and cheer together.

Your Daddy said...

You are a good citizen...always fulfilling your civic duties...

Ashley A. said...

You like taking tests because you are smart. I don't like taking test....umm what does that say about me? Don't answer that. Between the test taking, the bit about trying on swim suits, and Nascar- I'm getting nervous that we share the same gene pool.