Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Arctic Bliss

Ice Skating = completed. I can check one off my Christmas Wish List. We recently went ice skating in the park, and oh, what a holiday delight it was. Although crowded and chaotic, and wearing lead boots they called ice skates, it was just so sparkly and spirited, that we really didn't seem to mind. Skating round the rink, hand in hand, it was one of those moments where we were just floating along in our own little polar world, while everything went on around us at hyper-speed. Icy rinks give me frosty visions of grandeur...I imagine myself in ice castles, perhaps Chronicles of Narnia, or some such fantasy land. There's just something magical about being bundled up in a warm, wintry coat, gloves, and scarf with pink cheeks, flying around the rink that just feels so good at wintertime...for a few minutes anyway.

The best part about the whole beloved pulled out some slick moves. Turns out he's a pretty amazing skater, and I'm not talking about the hockey kind. He's as cool as ice. Who knew I married a former figure skater?


ali said...

Fun! I am officially inspired to strap on my skates.

sarah marie said...

i need to go but it's just so effing cold here.

jamieanne said...

Sarah...what you need is a sleeping bag coat. It is Fcold out here. My advice to you is to forget fashion, and get serious about being warm. It's worth it!