Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Like China Because I'm An Economist

Economists are all about charts, graphs, and efficiency. I didn't see many charts and graphs in China, but I did see efficiency.

Step 1: Arrive at airport, roughly 1 hour out of the city by car

Step 2: Buy ticket for sooper dooper fast magnetic train

Step 3: Board train, taking note of current time and speed

Step 4: Enjoy the ride, levitating your way into Shanghai

Step 5: As you begin to slow down, note current time and speed

Step 6: Exit train and enter Shanghai 7 minutes and 1 pleased economist later.


Ann Marie said...

Not to pick a bone or anything, BUT I think Shanghai is one of 3, maybe 4, cities in China that could be classified efficient. The rest is complete craziness!

ali said...

That's unreal! Did your eyelids peel back?

Whittaker Family said...

FYI: CJ started a Whittaker Family blog.

brooke romney said...

Sounds like my kind of city!

lane said...

I'm glad that Grant finally got to take the maglev since we missed it last time.

I'm not sure all of china is this efficient--I remember a certain train station with 7,000 stairs and no elevator...and of course we encountered this when we had about five stuffed (fake designer) bags apiece!