Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Genius Hard At Work

These little lovelies

plus this wonderful contraption

equal heaven:

This is not an April Fools joke. I'm dead serious.


laceyJ. said...

I couldn't agree more! I found this little gem just the other night, and I've had a couple scoops every night since... soooo gooood!

love.boxes said...

No.. it isn't a joke.. it's an amazingly true and miraculous reality that tastes like heaven!!!

Jen said...

Yum! I've seen it but never tried it. Thin Mints are my FAVORITE GS cookie, though. I've eaten 2 boxes already, and now it looks like I'll have to try the ice cream! Dang you Jamie!

lane said...

Try making milkshakes! It is crazy delicious.

Martha said...

Can't wait to try this! :)

Martha B.

Ann Marie said...

mmmmm. I'll have to get some for Ceej for a little welcome-home from a little business trip tomorrow!

Spencer said...

This is the greatest invention since sliced bread- to be honest sliced bread has never done anything for me. So... This is the greatest invention EVER!

Dansie Family said...

i love it. i think they make the samoas in ice cream variety as well. i didn't get any gs cookies this year. i guess they don't go door to door too much anymore. maybe i'll break down next time i see their shop in front of the grocery store.

ms. spinach said...

I'm not a mint person, so I was *instantly excited* to see they also make a Samoa version! It is heaven.

Krissy said...

a Samoa version too!! Oh wow. I'm getting my keys...

Bridgett said...

I LOVE this ice cream and wish they would offer it all year. It's genius. Mix two of the most delicious things on the planet to make one spectacular taste sensation.
I need to buy some tonight.

Laura said...


ugh, why are the grocery stores so slow to get new stuff around here?!

Anonymous said...

“Mr. Anonymous” says:
Dear Jamieanne,
FACT: You did it again.
I know the mere suggestion that you would take the ideas of another ‘hurts’ you, so you must be in agony because you did in FACT do it again.
TRY to fool me once, shame on me.
TRY to fool me twice, shame on YOU.
Clearly, what you lack in creativity is NOT made up for in originality.
I am certain your FF&FR (friends, family and faithful readers) will be up in arms in your defense, let me first address their previous comments, before the onslaught begins again.
“Kami” thinks blogs [are] a great thing, she must think they exist so you can steal “ideas from others and make them our own.” Kami, I am pretty sure that is the definition of plagiarism. (FACT) Look it up. (p.s. Kami, thanks for the creative pen name “Tiffany” thinks I should come up with)
“Jori” and “Jen” are sadly mistaken thinking that you are original, aren’t they? So Jori, go ahead and scoff away.
“Aimee” thinks you are truly an original. Apparently she doesn’t mind reading things twice, aren’t you lucky!
I think “Nicole Hill” is right, it IS time for some rules.
1) Don’t try to pass off other people’s ideas as your own.

grant said...

Hey Anonymous - you're awfully bold with your comments. Funny how some people have so much to say when their name isn't on the line.

grant said...

PS, Anonymous. A casual search for "girl scout ice cream" on Google Blog Search returned 9,141 different blogs, many of which were posted prior to your allegedly incriminating dooce post. Any other data points to support your quickly crumbling claim?

We welcome you out from your cowardly cover of anonymity so we can continue the conversation.

Bridgett said...

Dear Mr. Blog Police (otherwise known as Anonymous).
You obviously spend a lot of time on the computer finding repetitions which you feel is your responsibility to point out. It is very egocentric of you to act as if everyone out in the blog-o-sphere reads everything you do.
And because Dooce wrote a paragraph about how much she loves a flavor of Girl Scout ice cream I guess it means that no one in the world is allowed to do the same.
Part of me didn't even want to respond to the ridiculous accusations you have posted because you just thrive off of writing negative statements on other peoples blogs to get a rise out of others. If you think you are original in anyway by doing this, you aren't. Being a critical, closed-minded, loud mouth is nothing that hasn't been done before.
Get a life and do something better with your time before everyone, who I enjoy reading, turns private.

lane said...

jamieanne, methinks one of your readers is desperate for attention. I suggest you simply delete the annoying comments so we can get back to commenting to and reading the person we come here to read--you.

ps. perhaps a reminder of blog etiquette--if you leave a comment that's more than one paragraph long, it's time to get your own blog!