Tuesday, January 8, 2008

To House Or Not To House? That Is The Question.

We're still looking for some permanent digs here in our new locale. It's been a struggle to find something we both like/agree on. Five months and a few hundred home tours later, we're finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

We've come to the decision that it is quite likely we do not want a house. We are condo dwellers. It was a hard fought battle. Here's how it all played out:

Me: I don't do boy jobs, i.e. mow, snowblow, rake, take garbage out, shovel, and the like.
G: I don't really do them either.
Condo:1 point.
House: 0 points.

Me: Why do said jobs when I can pay a reasonable monthly fee for someone else to do them?
G: I've built a financial model that shows the benefit of the fee as it offsets the cost of purchasing equipment to do said laborious jobs.
Me: Life is too short to snowblow.
Condo: 2 big ones
House: nada.

Me: Trash shoot.
G: 'Nuff said.
Condo: 3 ways to melt my heart
House: starting to look unappealing.

Me: I want a pool!!!
G: I want a hot tub, heated garage, gym, and clubhouse.
Condo: 4 dancing panda bears tossing rose petals for excess
House: nearing extinction.

Me: It's no NYC pad with a sweet view and wacko neighbors, but it'll do.
G: Synthetic city living. I like the idea.
Condo: 5 "you had me at HOA's"
House: 6 feet under.


tiffany said...

So funny! Clearly, you have made a wise decision, although I was hoping to sell you my house. I have a biological yearning to sell my house to someone I like...

alyson. said...

cute breakdown.

me, I'm no condo dweller... but, I wouldn't live somewhere I had to snowblow.

100 Percent Cottam said...

how exciting! true story, maintaining a house is a time suck. my husband spends half his life in the yard. because, like you, i don't do outside chores. shoot, i hardly do inside chores! :)

angie said...

you crack me up! love it - and happy condo-ing

Kami said...

Oooo lala, a hot tub sounds so nice. I hope you get some wacky neighbors too, to make you feel right at home. :)

laura said...

Welcome to condo life! I am so excited to see the place. And there is nothing better than paying the monthly fee for someone to fix sprinklers, snowblowing, yard work, etc. You can't beat the hottub and pool either!

Robin said...

This is hilarious. Nice one.

ali said...

You kill me. But it's true, condo livin' ain' so bad. Especially if you have two underground parking spots!


great commentary. After reading that, my little old apartment isn't looking so good anymore =( I guess the playtime in the city makes up for it!

How are you guys?!! NY misses you!!

Jill said...

it sounds like a perfect plan to me - best part - you will be an 'owner'

Anonymous said...

j...you kill me!! it is perfect, perfectly said, and perfectly decided!!! i can't wait to be neighbors:)...when you moving in?!! love you love you...and G
jenny j t

amy said...

this is so clever. :)

Jori said...

I am with you. In our last house we had the tiniest little patch of lawn and it was like our lives revolved around caring for it-no thank you.

love.boxes said...

A condo can be the perfect solution for a young couple, but one caution (this is 6 years of condo dwelling experience speaking) Make sure you know what and what not the HOA is in charge of. You don't want to be fighting with the neighbors over the cost of changing the light bulbs in the hallway (my neighbors voted to walk around in the dark). Also, make sure the curb appeal of the building is classic and truly appealing. When the market goes south, the condo market goes first. I have a few other ideas, but with those things carefully in mind it should be a good experience. Good luck!

rubi said...

You are a FANTASTIC writer. I clicked on your link from Angie's page and I love your blog...always a much needed laugh.

So no...not a stocker. Just an admirer of your blogging talent. :)

lane said...

"You had me at HOA"...hilarious. You crack me up.

Now all you need is a Louie, and it will be almost as good as One West!

Amy Metz Walker said...

It may be weird that I'm a complete stranger commenting on your blog, but I happened across it and COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING at your comment about "4 dancing panda bears tossing rose petals". My husband started looking at me like I'd lost my mind...

So I just had to say...great blog!