Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Once upon a Christmas season, we had a gingerbread decorating/hot cho sipping/donut eating party at our place. We'd made loads of walls, roofs, doors, etc. with which each attendee was to construct the winningest gingerbread house they could using our ready-made supplies of frosting, cookies, candies, and the like, for fun and valuable prizes.

As most things do at our house, things got a bit out of control. People started taking increasing doses of artistic freedom and coming up with out of this world designs. Literally.

Robby, who is to infinity and beyond smart and probably the nicest person on the planet, began making his Spacetivity gingerbread house. Actually, I'm pretty sure it all started when a rogue attendee covered his wee gumdrop snowmen in frosting, making them look like aliens. Then some other rebels grafitti'd his house in frosting with "Space is Cewl". Lo and behold, Robby, being the creative genius he is, ran with it. Many marshmallow moons and some drippy droopy space-like frosting swirls all over the tin foil base later, the Spacetivity was born. A true work of art. Naturally, Spacetivity was the mothership and swept the competition with flying colors.

But that isn't even what this post is about. What it's really about is the Holiday CB2 catalog I just got in the mail. There, on the cover, what did my wondrous eyes behold? A miniature space scene with 4 tiny astronauts. Unbelieveable, I said. It truly cannot be. An updated Spacetivity. I raced thru the catalog as fast as my fingers could fly, wanting to snatch everything up and send it to Robby straight away. Unfortunately, I can't find those little astronauts anywhere. Boo!

Nonetheless, I lalalalove this catalog cover. I proclaim it to be Best Holiday Catalog Cover 2007 (at least so far). Should you want to create a Spacetivity of your own (which I strongly suggest you do), icy xtreme xmas trees can be found here and here, disco ball moons here, and space age snowmen here. As far as over the moon (fake) snow and mini mercurial astronauts, you're on your own. But do let me know if you come across any.

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ali said...

Here here! I had totally forgotten about alla that. Robby is one amazing dude, who always wears "cewl" shoes, too. But also has a heart of gold and knows like a gazillion computer languages, probably.