Friday, November 9, 2007

Giving Thanks: Coupons

Yes, coupons. I rarely, if ever, use them. But yesterday, one saved me in a fashion pinch. G and I were attending a black tie event. What is a girl to wear? Something old? Well, that's no fun. Something New? Yes, please. I'd been eyeing a little black number for a week or so, but couldn't justify buying it due to the price tag.

Yesterday, in the mail, came a discount certificate. Apparently I've done copious amounts of shopping in the department store, and they were inviting me back for more and rewarding me for it. Hot dog! According to my calculations, the coupon reduced the price just enough that it entered into my willingness to pay window. Hurrah! So off I went, ooooh'd and aaaaah'd and told that black dress we'd be lifelong friends. I wore it to the black tie charity event last night with much success, and now I'm a believer in the discount/coupon in the mail. So, let me thank you coupons, for not only helping me to look good, but for also letting me wear (and buy) what I want.


ali said...

Thanks to that coupon, you looked like a million bucks.

Olivia said...

lucky girl! the gods of shopping always seem to be smiling down on you ... mutual backscratching, I suppose :) p.s. i notice that you did not show us the dress or name the store... my guess: nordstrom... the designer??? Diane? Marc?