Wednesday, October 10, 2007

iPod Shuffle

I've been meaning to join in on the fun of Lacey's game for a while now. But, of course, I had no idea where my ipod was. Actually, I was pretty sure I knew where it was, but I didn't want to get to the bottom of unpacking roughly 25 moving boxes to find it. But, I did. Now, we are reunited, and it feels so good. So here goes...

1. Modern Love: Bloc Party.
My sister introduced me to this song a few years ago. Then we went to one of their concerts in NYC. Even though I couldn't see over the 6'6" person standing in front of me or thru the thick haze of the people smoking on all sides of me, it's been TLA ever since.

2. Little Red Corvette: Prince.
Ahhh, Prince. He takes me straight back to high school. We lived, loved, and breathed Prince. Even watched his wacked out movie, 'Purple Rain'. Those were the days.

3. Young Hearts Run Free: Kym Mazelle.
This song just makes me feel good. Makes me want to be me. Then it makes me giggle when I think of Mercutio's uhhh-mazingly executed dance performance to it in Baz Luhrmann's 'Romeo & Juliet'. I'm pretty sure I could replicate it on command.

4. Love At First Sight: Kylie Minogue.
I'm a sucker for a good pop tune. I like Kylie's voice and her style.

5. SexyBack: Justin Timberlake.
So so so glad a JT song made it's way onto my first ten (though it's incredibly surprising that it's the only one that made it into my first ten). Lalalalove JT.

6. Liz On Top of the World: Jean-Yves Thibaudet.
Yea, I've seen the A&E Pride & Prejudice 10 times, the new P&P 75 times, read the book 25 times, so I naturally listen to the Pride & Prejudice soundtrack on a regular basis. So what?

7. Elevator Love Letter: Stars.
I'm in lovelovelove with this song for so many reasons. Easily a top 10 hit for me.

8. Let's Get Retarded: Black Eyed Peas.
Nothing beats a good 'makes me wanna get outta my chair and shake my thang on the dance floor' tune. Or just a 'bouncin' 'round in the driver seat' tune will suffice if a dance floor is not in the immediate area.

9. Love Today: MIKA.
This is probably my personal theme song for 2007. I literally cannot get enough of it. I can't tell you how many times I've been running about, just hitting repeat, and the next thing I know, it's been an hour. It's kind of like my own personal version of the "Just one more, and then I'll quit..."

10. Tiny Dancer: Elton John.
I had a friend who thought the lyrics to this song were "Hold me closer, Tony Danza", and ever since then I can't get enough of it. If only it really were about an endearing male nanny in Connecticut.

11. Sexual Healing: Stevie Wonder.
I know, I know, we're only supposed to do 10. But I had to add an 11 when this was the next song that came up. I kid you not, this was the 11th song that popped up. I had no idea this was even on my ipod. But now that I do, I'm gonna add it to my top rated songs. Suh-weeet.

I guess it's plain to see I'm no music snob. I welcome music of all shapes and sizes to my realm (good thing we didn't have to do 12, when I'd have to explain what 'Cheeseburger In Paradise' is doing on my ipod). But enough about me. Let's talk about you. What did you think of me? Just kidding, what I meant to say was...Alright, who's next? It's easy to do. Just turn your ipod on, go to shuffle songs, hit play, and you're ready to (rock and) roll with the first 10 songs that play.


Aimee said...

Ok fun game! If I can find my ipod, i'm in.

laceyJ. said...

Sweet list, Jamie! I love the unexpected of the Shuffle game... There are many gems in your list! (Including track 11.) And, I also adore the P&P Soundtrack-isn't it beautiful?

Glad you dug your Pod back out for this!

Kate said...

How fun! I must try this.

Sarah said...

Ha ha this could have been from my iPod! JT, Bloc Party, Kylie, Pride and Prejudice....
Oh definitely get your partner to look at that sire for the old autograph book. It's pretty cool!

ash whiting said...

I think this post is really fun! I will play when I get home! (in NJ w/ Lisa and fam)
It is amazing how our high school memories come flooding back when I hear Prince, especially 'When Doves Cry' right?!

Dearly beloved
We are gathered here today
To get through this thing called life...
Electric word life
It means forever and that's a mighty long time
But I'm here to tell you
There's something else
The afterworld...
(this is were the head roll would be)

lane said...

This is a fun idea. One time I listened to only songs on my Ipod that started with the letter "I" for about two months. I just liked them.

This really sounds like you, I'm afraid my ipod has been whored out so much I don't know half of what's on there.