Tuesday, September 4, 2007


No, not the boy band to which I was a die hard groupie 10 years ago, silly (ok, so maybe it was more like 7 years ago...big deal). I'm talking about voodoo-creepy-gives-you-the-heebie-jeebies-can't-sleep-at night-weirdness. With my own flesh and blood. My sister. Ali wrote a post about a magnificent drive she took this weekend. And posted a picture (she always beats me to it, as she should...she's the one with the neato sweeto camera). I was on that same road this weekend (though not in the car with Ali). I hate to tell ya this, but she's right about everything. Truly a life changing experience...and that's just the huckleberry shakes.

But here's where things start to get weird. I took that exact same picture. EXACT SAME. Give or take about an inch on the left side. Clouds are the same. Background is the same. Silos in the distance are the exact same. Course, mine is a tad less crisp and not nearly as portrait-looking as hers. Like I said, she's the one with the fancy shmancy camera. I've just got a lipstick case point & shoot. So you'll see a mile marker and the reflection of my flash (aaargh!). But you get the idea. Spine tingling, eh? If that doesn't make your hiney cringe across the room and out the door (in the immortal words of Pioneer Woman), I don't know what will.


ali said...

I like yours better! It has a nice vintage quality to it.

So happy Grant was so insistent. This drive was right up my alley. Next time, we're stopping to take pics. I'll use your lipstick case camera, if you don't mind. :)

Kami said...

That is too funny, gotta love sisters. Who needs the big camera? That is a great pic.

lane said...

doodeedoodoo doodeedoodoo

Thatis the theme from the Twilight Zone, in case you can't tell. Weird! I guess great minds think alike.

Caroline said...

i think it's the whole sister thing... somehow sisters must be all cosmically connected.