Thursday, June 28, 2007

Polly Politic

*Let me preface this post, with a disclaimer: I in no way support any one candidate or political party*

OK, that's done. Now, on to the good stuff. I'm a funny mix of things. I like to read cookbooks, People magazine, and The Economist. I watch Food Network, So You Think You Can Dance, and cable news programs religiously.

Perhaps the overload of junk (celebrity gossip, style tips, interior decor) makes me crave something more worthwhile. It's my yin and yang. If I indulge in too much trashy (which cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die, I'm certain I couldn't live without), I start to feel my mind turn to mush. I need intellectual stimulation. Up to minute news. Political commentary. I need to feel informed.

As a result, I love politics. The ideas, the forum, the change, the courage. Granted, much bad (rhetoric, demeaning behavior, rehearsed speeches) follows the good. But still. It sucks me in. Everytime. I make it a point to become as well-informed and educated as I can be. Why not get to know the candidates as well as I can for as long as I can? I've always found it silly that people only really pay attention when things come down to the wire. To me, it seems that is the time when candidates are being the least genuine, just vying for votes. Or that people side with the opposing candidate simply because they despise the other. Why not stand up for the one whose ideas truly inspire you? I say, why not get to know these people a bit better? See them when they're not quite as polished? New to the game? Less afraid to say what they really believe in? Albeit, with some candidates, this is incredibly unlikely to happen. But, still.

I've been to political receptions for different candidates. I watch every debate. Read the news. Watch the interviews. I love it. Especially getting to hear and see candidates in person. No matter what sense you have for a person in TV or print, that inevitably changes or becomes more apparent when you see them in person. A great way to get a better sense for not necessarily what they believe in or the change they want to make, but what kind of person they are. What they're made of. Their real self. I think that's one of the things I value most in a candidate.

That being said, I'll be the first to admit that I rushed home from a political reception late last night to catch the re-run of the re-run of Paris Hilton on Larry King Live. It's a strange world I live in. But I challenge you to be involved. Be open-minded. Listen to everyone. To never let politics interfere in your personal relationships. Just love it, and leave it at that.


lane said...

One of my favorite things about Jamie is that she is an unusual mix of brains and shopping-trash tv-celeb gossip junk.

But come to think of it--politics isn't too far from any of those things :)

ali said...

J, tell me where to start. I need to be better-informed.

marta said...

you are the beauty and the brains. i love it, you break boundaries and are who you are. it's refreshing to be around someone so highly informed (in all areas)... someone that can have a lengthy chat with both me AND/OR dan. you are seriously the ultimate go-to girl.

you go girl.

angie said...

i love the news too - especially those newscasters Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert - they really doing a great job reporting! ;)

brooke romney said...

Have to say that I echo everything. There is nothing quite as exciting as a political debate--I've loved all of them so far, and am pretty sure of who I support this year. I know it's time for some serious brains and economic savvy in the White House--it should be one of the most exciting election years we've witnessed. Maybe that's why we sat by each other in biology--we really only gossiped until Mr. Gunnell got into mitosis, then we really were just nerds at heart!