Monday, May 7, 2007

Mellow + Yellow = Relaxing Blue-Green

The Mellow + Yellow Swap was such a delight. I picked up the package from my valet. During the elevator ride back to my place, I found myself grasping and feeling around, trying to decipher its contents, and impatiently tapping my toes. A scenario made more embarassing by the fact that I was not alone in the elevator.

What glee! I opened it to find a fabric-wrapped parcel, just for me! Dainty fabric and a handwritten note letting me know I was being treated to a 'little sussy' -- Nicole's catchy term for things that she loves/are inspired by -- can only mean that great things are yet to come.

Yes yes yes. Wondrous and splendid goodies indeed!

First, a concentrated fragrance spray. Cucumber Melon -- a pleasant and subtle scent that effortlessly evokes and perfectly complements the color scheme. An excellent aroma for my little palace in the sky, which gets no breezy floral aroma from the sidewalks below.

Next I discovered an enchanting vintage dish. Hurrah! It is perfect for housing the goodies I pick up round the city daily. Everyone who comes to my house immediately heads for the candy bowls. What a charming addition.

As if that wasn't enough, the last gift was the best of all the game. A hand-made apron, specially for me {why can't I posess such talents?}. Apparently, Nicole is ka-ka-ka-crazy about making them {why, oh why can't I be like her?}. There's just something more meaningful and incredibly special about a home-spun gift. I'm not the crafty type {but am the baking and cooking type} and have incredible appreciation for all things made with a bit of love.
It's just too much for words. I dote on it and find myself going back and admiring the craftsmanship.

Extreme close-up, detailing pocket and lace-trimmed egdes.

Nicole is a talented photographer, and could probably do the contents of this parcel far more justice than I.

Thanks, Nicole. I knew we were meant to be as soon you told me your package may be a bit late. And I confessed the same. Fashionably late, but oh so worth the wait. Check out her blog to get a little sussy of your own!


I'm Andrea said...

that apron is so very perfect. lovely.

ali said...

I just raced over to Nicole's blog to compliment her on her handiwork. It's pretty incredible!

Almost too pretty to bake in, right?

Lorilee said...

I love the candy dish. What are you going to put in there?

marta said...

jamie, you lucky girl. i am glad you've made a new friend. looks like she has you pegged! what beautiful 'sussy' things!

nicole hill said...

i love that you took a picture of your doorman... that is hilarious.

Caroline said...

That apron is darling! Such a fun thing! I want in on this trade thing.. maybe the next time around.

nicole hill said...

i posted pictures of what jamie sent me! have a look: