Friday, May 4, 2007

Derby Days

I always look forward to the Kentucky Derby. My grandparents have owned race horses on and off throughout the years, and some of their love for the sport inevitably rubbed off on me. As a young girl, I remember visiting the horses and jockeys before their chance on the field and then the exhilaration of the race. There's something so beautiful and mesmerizing about an animal doing what it was meant to do -- run run run. I'm anxiously awaiting tomorrows if only I could get down to Kentucky to enjoy a mint julep in my derby hat. Ah well, maybe next year.


ali said...

I want a derby hat, too! And somewhere to wear it.

Lorilee said...

I will join you for a mint julep in a derby hat at the races some day.
I absolutely love the Kentucky Derby.. I would take this race over some stupid Jazz game or Superbowl any day.

lane said...

Jamie and I ended up, fortuitously while shopping, watching the kentucky derby broadacast on a big screen at Rockefeller Center. The whole crowd started and shouting cheering when the winning horse executed a last-minute take-over.

The jockey was so happy he just kept crying and smiling and crying.

Somehow witnessing these things in public with other people is more fun.