Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Christmas in May

As soon as I leave NY and have a place I can call my own, I can only hope that I am as successful as the folks at Cafe Lalo when it comes to tree lighting adornment. Theirs are borderline maniacal (I sometimes wonder how the leaves on the trees even breathe through that chokehold of string lights) and I lalalalove it. Every day I walk by, they make me smile a bit.


becky said...

i have to agree with you! i went to ny for the first time in march and we went here for dessert...which was yummy! so fun that you get to live there!

Ashley A. said...

Yellow twinkle lights are always fun plus I can never remember if its on 82nd or 83rd but it doesn't matter...just look for twinkle lights!

lane said...

Great pic, jamie! Of all the over-touristed cafe and dessert joints in NYC, this is one I still shamelessly like!