Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Say Cheese!

This is the latest and greatest addition to my list of party essentials. PolaroidInstant Camera. It is non-stop fun times. Though it requires a minor investment, the fun lasts forever! It gives your guests a piece of the action to take home immediately and hang on the fridge. Digital is cool, but Polaroid is awesome {remember the excitement/fanning of the photo, waiting for it to develop?}. Bonus feature: everyone looks good in Polaroids. I think they are a bit more forgiving. See below for pics of last weekends Polaroids on my as yet un-wallpapered and therefore boring fridge. {I'm gonna wallpaper eventually, I just wish Nick Olsen was my BFF}.


ali said...

Are those the prom photos? I wish I could see them better!

I totally agree about Polaroids. Do you have a Polaroid camera? If so, bring it home with you so we can play.

ali said...
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Lorilee said...

I can't agree more with your statement "everyone looks good in Polaroids"....I think that's why we all like to shake it, so we can see it sooner.
shake it like a polaroid picture..

lane said...

Olivia had the brilliant idea to get a Polaroid for prom. We used it to take couple photos in front of the baloon arch, and then Jamie and I commandeered it for the rest of the night.

For some reason it is so fun to give someone/get a pic right after it's taken!

sarah marie said...

i'm dying to see the photos on the fridge but i can't get it to enlarge. boo.