Thursday, April 19, 2007

5 + 5

{5 hearts + 5 hates}

I thoroughly enjoy these blablablog tags.

i hearts

  • false eyelashes
  • girl/pillow talk
  • chinese diet coke
  • recipes centered around honey, fresh basil, fresh mint, or limes
  • comfy flats

i hates

  • lost keys
  • poor customer service
  • the wrinkles in my forehead
  • altering trousers
  • bad hygiene

If you want to join the fray, post {5 hearts + 5 hates} of your own. Thanks, Marta.


Lorilee said...

chinese DK? Please, do tell how it differs and where I can get my fingers on a can.. (besides China)

Loved your list.

jamieanne said...

I'm not quite sure if it's available anywhere in the US. I'll let you know as soon as I get my fast fingers on some. It's so so sooooo much better!