Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sofas Suck

I've been sofa shopping non-stop for the past week. I'm aversive to the word alone -- sofa. It sounds like some huffalump just heaved/sagged itself into my living room with a big 'ugh' of a sigh {which is my main complaint about sofas in general}. I'm not the biggest fan of sofas that look comfortable, so much as a fan of sofas that are comfortable. These are the finalists, {I think}.
Overlapping Squares: Top left. I love the open feel and white finish. Plus, I can order the cushions in a darker color. However, it's actually a I want/need one?
Griffiths: Top right. I think it has the right combination of comfort/modern. But is this color too light? I can special order it in other colors though.
Tulane: Bottom left. This is a great, modern sofa. Not in this color, but a black and white tweed. But I worry that it doesn't have any cushions or arms on it.
Petrie: Bottom right. I've been in love with this one for a while. But it doesn't really come in a color that I'm in love with. Also, it is the one that least matches my current furniture.
Penny for your thoughts?


angie said...

Have you "flopped" on them with socks off? I think the degree of "flop" is important in deciding. They are all cute, though!

lane said...

Speaking to Angie's "flop" factor, I think the West Elm one has too many sharp edges, and The Tulane--well, you could just slide right off.

My vote is for the Griffiths or Petrie. Both look comfy but still cute. I think I like the Petrie best because it's structured but still comfy. Really cool looking, actually. Plus, it's name is Petrie!

Peetreeeee. It's fun to say. And it's my favorite character in The Land Before Time.

ali said...

That's funny. I was just quoting Land Before Time the other day. Petrie is definitely the best character.

And I also think the Petrie is the best sofa. The daybed looks hard to sit on, though if you need a daybed it could come in handy. And Ive decided that sofas without arms are hard to get comfortable in. No leaning capability.

I like the Tulane, but it looks a little grown-up. The Petrie, on the other hand, is one I've been drooling over for years. It's cool and young and fresh. But you must try the "flop." That's a good way of putting it.

Celeste's sister Liz bought a couch similar to it. You should ask her on her blog if she likes it. It's

Have fun!

Lorilee said...

My vote is for Griffiths. I think the pillows look comfortable--especially the round ones on the end, and the legs fancy it up a bit. Also, you said you can order the color you like in that one, which is very important when getting a sofa.

Auntie Ann said...

I too am on the hunt for a Sofa, so I feel your pain...especially trying to find one that is comfortable and cute...near impossible! i was dying by the way at that peep website...Thanks.

Brad K. said...

Jamie, last year it took us 3 months to locate our (my) dream sofa.

Once we finally found it we had to wait 4 months to get it. But boy, it was worth it.

Good luck.

$ G-Money $ said...

I suggest you consider getting the one that will provide you (me) with the most "value" (that's husband-speak for cheapest....).