Thursday, February 15, 2007


I scored a perfect 22.
I rule. Cuz that's how we do it in The OC, B****!
At least that's what the quiz told me.
Can anyone match me?
Click here to test your skills.


ali said...

I'm a sore disappointment, Smartypants. I only got 18/22. I missed 6, 7, and I think 15 (which was a total trick question) and 17.

I'll school your can in The OC board game, though!

ali said...

p.s.: Tonight's episode was so pleasing. So good.

Favorite line: "Go 187 on that zombie a**."

Brad K. said...

That thing is stupid.

It said I was from Riverside.

Ashley A. said...

I need to "lay off the marg's, party animal" becuz I only got 15/22. Fun quiz though.

I didn't see last night's episode! Whap happened!?

jamieanne said...

Two words: zombies.

lane said...

We were also from Riverside, but we had "integrated well into OC society."

If that means I'm like Juju, I'll accept that. Plus, Britton actually did live in Riverside (don't tell anyone!!!)

I also like hot pockets.